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ANS products have been carefully developed and extensively tested over a long period of time using the finest natural ingredients to ensure the optimum nutritional outcome. Central to ANS is the fact that protein is the key ingredient in a healthy diet and ANS delivers the best form of protein available.


"Great tasting protein with very healthy serves of protein!!! Perfect for my Krav Maga, Martial Arts and Fitness training! Thanks ANS!"

"Very impressive tasty protein bars. Drinks of various flavor can thoroughly compensate the depleted energy after exercise. Right nutrients and great from the angle of dietitians."

"I tried the protein snack bars and Drink & Go which are marvelous! They serve as my breakfast and light morning and afternoon tea. Drink and Go works well with post exercise weight management and muscle development. ANS are just great!"

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Thank you Dad!

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Whey protein: how do we nourish our body with it?

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