ANS Rapid Energy Gels – Breaking it down to the basics

April 11, 2018

‘Energy gels, also known as endurance gels, sports gels or nutritional gels. These carbohydrate rich satchels are generally used for endurance-based events such as running, cycling and triathlons – due to the type of energy they provide. Convenient as they come in small, single-serve packets.’

ANS Energy Gels are based on maltodextrin which directly provides glucose to your bloodstream and provides an easily absorbable form of carbohydrate. Effectively, these energy gels can be considered concentrated energy drinks. Therefore, it is recommended to take one sachet every 40 minutes during exercise, followed by a fluid intake of approximately 300mLs of water (as the body needs water to digest carbohydrate).

During a long event, there is an increased need for additional fuel (carbohydrate), as the body can only store a limited amount of glycogen. For example, having 30-60g of carbohydrate per hour is recommended to prevent muscle fatigue and to maintain pace and cognition. Of course, it must be an easy to digest carbohydrate option with minimal fat, fibre and protein as this slow down digestion. Our ANS Rapid Energy Gels are the perfect choice as they provide 0g of fat, enriched with your B group vitamins, BCAA’s and have a carbohydrate total of 30.6g per serving. Proving to be a fast, effective and versatile fuel source to all types of athletes in all sports at all levels!

Our top tips:

1.) Absorption rates vary based on a variety of factors, so it’s recommended to practice and experiment during training runs to figure out the most effective amount and timing.

2.) Research suggests due to the viscosity of sports gels, this is likely to increase the amount of time and mouth contact associated with the intake of carbohydrate compared with sports drinks. This may increase the ability of gels to provide a performance benefit via the stimulatory effect of carbohydrate-sensing mouth receptors on the brain and central nervous system!


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