Are you overworked? Teach you how to relieve stress

November 28, 2019

Here are a few small methods that can relieve stress a little while working:

1. Grasp the golden lunch break and do some leisure and entertainment
The lunch break is a golden time for office workers, so take your lunch break. You can have a good meal with your good colleagues, talk about work pressures or seek solutions to each other, or you can swipe Facebook to see if any fun things happen, but don't slip for too long.

2. Don't let your body sit stiff, get up and walk around
Sitting in a chair for a long time at work and playing on the computer, I often get shoulder pain when I go home, and I find it difficult to even turn my neck. Sitting for a long time will slow down the digestion and metabolic system, resulting in the accumulation of cholesterol and fat. Sitting for a long time will make it easy to doze off if you are unable to move. Remind you, after sitting for two to three hours at work, remember to spend five to ten minutes to get up and walk, do stretching exercises, maybe go to the pantry to pour water, go to the toilet, or even look at people coming from the window. The scenery to go is also good.

3. Can’t hold it anymore, try taking a ten-minute nap
A whole day’s work will indeed consume a lot of brain power and energy. When you are really about to be defeated by the Sandman, don’t hold it hard, don’t drink a lot of coffee or tea, try to relax your body first, and then take a nap for ten to ten minutes. fifteen minutes. In addition, cultivating to take a nap after noon will not only refresh the mind, but also help improve memory!

4. Use slow and deep abdominal breathing
There is a considerable relationship between our breathing style and our autonomic nerves. If we always use shallow and rapid breathing, it will easily make the body feel tired. When you feel that you are going to be too busy, you can try the "abdominal breathing" commonly used in yoga (put your hands on your belly, use the power of your abdomen to slowly inhale from your nose, and then slowly exhale from your mouth), and perform a slow and deep exercise. Breathing can make the parasympathetic nerve (responsible for the relaxation function of the body) gradually strengthen, helping to relax physically and mentally.

But I also remind everyone that if all kinds of stress relief methods or no matter how hard you work, you can’t get rid of the stress entanglement, please understand the source of your tremendous stress, try to face it, and remember to seek help from a professional doctor in time. If most of your pressure comes from your supervisor, and it has caused many problems in your daily life, physiology and psychology, you must also let your supervisor know your situation and communicate and coordinate rationally.

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