Don't you want to be 70 years old? Drink ANS adult milk to replenish muscles and reduce loss!

June 18, 2020

When a person reaches middle age, it's time to think about his old age! Muscle loss began at the age of 30!

ANS 50+ adult formula milk comes from Australia, and the calcium is specially adjusted by the research institute. It is equipped with high content of protein (25.6 g per 100 g). Iron and vitamin B greatly improve the body's muscle mass and body blood circulation, flexible joints, and let you Always young

The ANS 50+ formula uses high-quality Australian milk and contains iron, calcium, protein, DHA, vitamins B and C, which can improve the body’s absorption capacity, strengthen bones and muscles, and protect joints. The dietary fiber of the formula is higher than similar products. , To help control weight. One can has a lot of effects, and the effect is good after two weeks of consumption. It is worth starting! Drink when you are over thirty!

ANS is the most popular protein series!!!
Pay attention to health + immunity, as you are, of course you can't miss it
ANS 50+ to strengthen the body and protect the heart, a must in the home

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