Do more exercises to enhance memory, recommend 10 brain activities for all ages

August 20, 2019

Exercise is beneficial to the cardiovascular system. According to WHO statistics, lack of exercise habits accounts for about 17% of the cause of heart disease. Among the middle-aged and elderly people, statisticians even found a straight line relationship.

In the "Psychological Science of the Public Interest" magazine, discussing various therapies to restore cognitive function, the authors concluded: "Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can enhance the cognitive function of the elderly."

Exercise is the best way to strengthen the brain, not only to improve memory, but also to effectively prevent various brain diseases.

Ten brain exercises for all ages

1. Read
Reading can reduce the risk of people suffering from dementia by 35%. Scholars at Stanford University believe that reading requires a variety of complex cognitive functions to coordinate with each other to increase blood flow in specific areas of the brain.

2. Dancing
Dancing can not only make people smarter, it can also prevent dementia. Studies have shown that dancing can simultaneously mobilize the nerve functions of multiple areas of the brain, effectively training hand-eye coordination.

3. Clapping
Clapping exercises can enhance brain function.
The folk clapping therapy does have a certain health effect on the brain. The sound made when you slap with the palms together will be transmitted to the brain through the auditory nerve, which can enhance brain function.

4, clap the arm to strengthen the brain
Tap the right arm with your left hand until you reach the shoulder, then change your right hand and tap the left arm to the shoulder in the same way. A dozen shots on each arm.

5. Pull ears to strengthen the brain
Go around the top of your head with your left hand, grab the right ear shell and lift it a dozen times; change your right hand to lift the left ear shell a dozen times in the same way.

6. Play puzzle games
Playing puzzle games can improve number use skills, deductive reasoning skills, judgment thinking skills and social skills. Even a Sudoku game played by one person can reduce the risk of people suffering from dementia.

7. Table tennis
Scientific research shows that table tennis requires the brain to think fast and nervously, promote blood circulation in the brain, supply the brain with sufficient energy, and have a good brain function.

8. Cycling
Riding a bicycle allows you to not only pay attention to the impact of the surrounding environment, but also do a good job of balancing your hands and feet, and promote blood circulation, allowing your brain to take in more oxygen.

9. Swimming
Immersion of the body in water where it reaches the heart can increase blood flow in the brain.

10. Playing a musical instrument
Playing a musical instrument can enhance the memory function of the muscles, improve the flexibility of the fingers, increase the plasticity of the brain, and trigger structural changes in the brain.

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