Carefully select meats to help lose weight! Chicken is the only one!

November 26, 2019

Obesity has caused a relatively large negative impact on external beauty and physical health. Many people are thinking about losing weight. Although exercise has a good weight loss effect, it is too difficult to persist. Therefore, more people are willing to eat L-carnitine to lose weight, but I am also worried that the side effects of taking L-carnitine are too great.

However, L-carnitine will not bring any side effects to everyone. L-carnitine is mostly salty in red meat. L-carnitine is a carrier enzyme whose main function is to transport fat to the mitochondria for burning, so as to lose weight by burning fat.

Source and supplement of L-carnitine
Red meat has the highest concentration of carnitine (per 100 grams): lamb chops contain 97 mg, steak contains 95 mg, ground beef 94 mg, pork 27.7 mg, and bacon 23.3 mg. Followed by fish: scallops contain 19.5 mg, and cod contains 5.6 mg. Chicken breast 3.9 mg, cheese 3.7 mg, ice cream 3.7 mg, whole milk 3.3 mg, etc.

Many people who have taken L-carnitine report dizziness and nausea after taking L-carnitine, which may be caused by taking fake L-carnitine or irregular L-carnitine. The greatest possibility of dizziness and nausea after taking it is that the L-carnitine that you eat is added with western medicine ingredients such as "sibutramine" and "phenolphthalein", which are often added ingredients in illegal weight loss drugs.

At the same time, Whey Protein is rich in amino acids, BCAAs, and muscle growth nutrients, which can be quickly absorbed by the body. Eating before and half an hour after fitness can help improve training performance and muscle recovery, laying a solid foundation for muscle gain and fat loss. .

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