Recognize whey protein and isolate whey protein

October 25, 2019

I often hear of whey protein and isolated whey protein
Do you know the difference?

Whey Protein (Simply Whey)

Whey protein can be said to be the most basic and most commonly used in fitness milk powder. Its price is lower than that of isolated whey protein, the digestion speed is fast to medium, it has a longer feeling of fullness, and the protein absorption time is relatively long. long

Isolated Whey Protein (Isolate)
Isolated whey protein is made from whey protein. After a series of refining and filtering steps, whey protein with lower fat and sugar content is obtained. Due to the lower fat sugar content, its digestion and absorption speed is naturally faster than whey protein, and the relative purity of the protein will be higher, but the feeling of fullness will be relatively low, and the price will be slightly more expensive.

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