ANS can be a meal replacement

November 04, 2019

Q: Have you ever tried to do exercises on an empty stomach? Do you also know that if you do not eat within 5 hours before exercise, doing exercise will consume protein in your muscles as fuel, so you will only lose weight...
Answer: But it’s because the closing time is too hurried and there is no time to eat, so you need to start training...
Q: Have you tried long training? (3 hours or more) Start to feel awkward? And it takes longer and longer to recover?
Answer: Will eating halfway cause indigestion and affect performance even more?
Q: Do you feel very tired or energetic the next day after finishing a day of training?
Answer: Of course it is very tired! Is there a way to speed up recovery?
Q: Have you heard that absorption will be particularly good after training? So you don't dare to eat, but it's particularly difficult to have an empty stomach?
Answer: I have heard that you can eat high-protein food after training, but it is difficult to find and there is no time to make it...

Meal replacement is afraid of the same taste...
Are there any methods and convenient solutions to the above problems?

Final answer

ANS bottled protein drinks, replenish protein immediately after training

Gain muscle quickly, and you can lose weight with contemporary meals!

And one serving has only 200 calories, which is only equivalent to a bowl of white rice.

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