Often bumps and falls slightly, thinking it's just that you have poor balance?

September 06, 2019

Often bumps and falls slightly, thinking it's just that you have poor balance?

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In fact, it may be caused by osteoporosis. Near the age of 40, bone loss began to become obvious, and the condition of women was more serious than that of men. When the rate of bone loss is faster than normal, the chance of suffering from osteoporosis and fractures also increases.

According to the Department of Health, osteoporosis does not have any obvious symptoms. If you feel pain, it is usually caused by a fracture. Patients with osteoporosis can fracture due to minor collisions and falls. The most common fracture sites include: femur, spine and forearm bone.

Osteoporosis patients are not only women, but the elderly, underweight or small skeletons are more likely to get the disease. Long-term calcium intake is not enough, especially in women who have a partial diet or dieting habits. They also have a higher chance of suffering. The following persons are also at high risk:

Drinking too many caffeinated drinks
Excessive intake of sodium (salt)
lack of exercise
To prevent and treat osteoporosis, the most important thing is to attract enough calcium and vitamin D to help bones reach peak bone density and strengthen bones. Other prevention methods are as follows:

The right amount of sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D to help absorb calcium
Regular exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise (weight-bearing exercise refers to the exercise that requires bone weight-bearing, such as: Tai Chi, jogging, rapid walking, dancing, tennis, badminton, etc.)
Maintain a moderate weight
Avoid smoking
People who have never had the habit of drinking should not mistakenly believe that drinking will bring benefits to the body and start drinking; if they choose to drink alcoholic beverages, they should exercise restraint to minimize alcohol-related harm
Avoid drinking too much caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and strong tea
If it is confirmed that you have suffered from osteoporosis, appropriate measures should be taken to prevent fractures