Basal metabolic rate

September 12, 2019

✍Nutrition Classroom-Basal Metabolic Rate

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To put it simply, "Maintain the minimum energy required by your body" means that the higher the basal metabolic rate, the more you can eat.

Low body fat = muscle? Many people have been pursuing low body fat at the beginning of weight loss, but neglect the fact that the most important thing is muscle. The most important thing that affects the basal metabolic rate is muscle. The more muscles, the higher the basal metabolic rate.

Although there is a saying that the abdominal muscles are developed in the kitchen, but you don't just want to see the abdominal muscles.

Low body fat does not mean high muscle mass; while losing fat, don’t forget to see if your muscle mass is enough. Don’t just do aerobic exercises. Try weight training and do some weight-bearing exercises, which is the best for your body. .