Mid-autumn diet recommendations

September 10, 2019

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As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, many people start to see moon cakes in their homes, and a small bite may also invisibly eat a lot of fat. A Mr. Wang from Zhejiang, China, was afraid that he could not finish the mooncakes at home, so he was busy "cleaning up" the mooncakes every day, eating about 3-4 mooncakes every day. Due to his own kidney disease, eating a lot of moon cakes caused his triglycerides to soar instantly, which exceeded the normal standard by more than ten times. Nephrology specialist Tan Junxi pointed out that high blood lipid content has nothing to do with kidney disease. If the average person eats a lot of high-fat foods, blood lipids will also spike instantly.

According to mainland media reports, Mr. Wang himself has kidney failure and has to go to the hospital for regular check-ups. Since he recently eats mooncakes as a regular meal every day, he sometimes eats 3 to 4 mooncakes a day. As a result, when he went to the hospital for an examination recently, the blood became milky white immediately after centrifugation, which exceeded the normal level.

High blood lipids may block blood vessels

Nephrology specialist Tan Junxi pointed out that the milky white blood after centrifugation (a procedure for serum testing) indicates high blood lipid content. The reason has nothing to do with whether they have kidney disease, that is, people who do not have kidney disease have the chance to cause the blood after centrifugation to be milky white due to high blood lipids. When blood lipids are high, there is a chance to block blood vessels, which can lead to pancreatitis, and the risk may be large or small. In the case of the patient, the increase in triglycerides (a type of blood lipid) in the body is related to carbohydrate and alcohol intake.

Mid-autumn diet recommendations

Registered dietitian Zhang Zhanpeng pointed out that the Mid-Autumn Festival will inevitably eat more high-calorie foods. Pay attention to avoid eating too many processed foods during this period, try to choose low-fat meat and eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

In addition, grapefruit is high in calories and should be eaten in small amounts. Although grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, only 2 to 3 slices are about 165 grams, and the calories are 60 kcal, which is equal to 1 serving of fruit. It should be moderated. People with poor gastrointestinal function should stop eating if they have diarrhea after eating; people who are taking medicine, especially antihypertensive drugs, should avoid grapefruit.

A traditional moon cake is equivalent to 4 bowls of rice, and a quarter of a moon cake is equivalent to 1 bowl of rice. For ordinary adults, 1/4 of the traditional mooncakes can be used as the upper limit of daily food intake, exchanged with a bowl of rice, or increased exercise, such as walking for 45 minutes to offset the extra calories. For those who are losing weight or conscious of health, it is recommended to halve the amount of moon cakes, that is, traditional moon cakes only eat 1/8 each time.

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