Nutrition points before and after exercise

September 02, 2019

Summer is here, it is better to share with you the key points of nutrition before and after exercise.

ans protein protein shake

2 hours before exercise

1. In order to reduce the impact of food digestion on exercise, a rich breakfast should be completed 2 hours before exercise. As for nutrition, you can choose high-carbohydrate and low-fat foods to shorten the digestion time and also supplement energy. In order to avoid intestinal discomfort or inconvenience caused by affecting the game, do not choose too much fiber. You can also eat corn, moderate fruits, some coarse bread and chicken breast.

5 to 10 minutes before exercise

2. In addition to food, moisture is also very important. You can drink 200 to 400 ml of sports drinks 5 to 10 minutes before exercise. Sports drinks are characterized by relatively high calories and can quickly replenish carbohydrates and minerals. After that, you need to add 100 to 150 milliliters of water for every 5 kilometers you run. Drinking too much water after the game can cause shock, so you can drink it in moderation according to your needs.

After exercise

3. After completing the exercise, it is an important time to restore energy. Need to add 50 grams of high carbohydrate food such as: two pieces of white bag plus half a cup of fruit juice. Sometimes it's more straightforward to drink protein drinks! In addition, you should add about 10 to 20 grams of protein (for example: 80 grams-105 grams of white meat). The easiest way is to choose some ready-to-drink protein, or soy milk with berry protein energy bars.

Protein energy drinks contain high-quality protein with vitamins and minerals added. The perfect protein to carbohydrate ratio helps release and make good use of energy; dietary fiber helps healthy digestion. High protein is suitable for muscle recovery, repair and reconstruction after training, effectively improving the training effect.

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