ANS 50+ FORMULA is rich source for calcium, dietary fiber, iron, vitamin B, protein

February 22, 2018


成年人嘅吸收能力會隨年齡下降,想keep到退休都咁有「營」,50歲前盡早開始飲用優質嘅營養奶粉啦! ANS 50+配方就採用上乘嘅澳洲奶源,同時含鐵、鈣、蛋白質、DHA、維他命B及C,可以改善身體吸收能力,強化骨骼同肌肉;配方嘅膳食纖維仲比同類產品高,幫到控制體重同降低心臟疾病風險。一罐功效多多,食兩星期已經好見效,值得入手!


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ANS 50+ FORMULA is rich source for calcium, dietary fiber, iron, vitamin B, protein, and it is higher than the average product containing DHA, according to medical research found originally in  fish oil Omega-3 fatty acids, which DHA (decosahexaenoic acid helps to effectively utilize the calcium intake in the diet and is absorbed completely by the bone tissue to increase the bone density and effectively prevent osteoporosis!


With the global population aging, osteoporosis is the second most important epidemic in the world. Without proper care, the chances of death from hip fracture are likely to increase. And want to prevent osteoporosis, the public mostly through diet or nutritional supplements to intake of calcium!


The present evidence suggests that the loss of lean tissue in the elderly is exacerbated by low dietary protein intake. Moreover, acute stable-isotope-based methodologies have demonstrated that the muscle anabolic response to a given amount of protein may decline with age, a phenomenon that has been termed anabolic resistance. Although the mechanism responsible for the inability of muscle to mount a satisfactory anabolic response to protein provision with increasing age is presently unknown, the high profile protein can serve great supplement



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