Thank you Dad!

June 07, 2018

Father’s Day is approaching. Maybe it is a day for us to pause and reflect how blessed we are to have our father around in the large chapter of our life. For those who brought up by their mother, the father’s day can be the time for appreciating Mum who took on the father’s role in their life.

 I remember one time when my father watched my back when I was seven. It was an eventful moment that I let go of the training wheels and pedaled on two wheels. Knowing that he would keep me from falling, I summoned the courage to get my feet off the ground on the wobbly bike. He held the backseat until I could ride confidently on my own.

Just as he gave me the courage on the wobbling bike, he gave strengths to pedal through other life challenges however rocky the road was. Thanks to his support, I was able to find the true meaning of sacrifice, kindness, and love. I am now stronger, wiser, and more compassionate than anyone could have moulded me into.   

You may be have different stories about how unconditional your father’s love was to you and how your father-like mother built your inner-core in you. You may recall a memory when your father worked hard to support you and your education but he never complained once.

The Third Sunday of June is Father’s Day. For all the superhero out there, we honour all our fathers for bringing us into this world and being the rockstar in our  life. You deserve the best of health and quality of life. So, ANS Baby will take this special day to bring you 15% off ANS 50 Plus and free delivery to your father’s house. This offer is only available from June 7 to 18.

ANS 50+ are rich in various nutrients : support bone health and immune system for the elderly

  • Vitamin B and Iron – Deficiency of which can lead to anemia (deficiency in red blood cells)
  • Dietary fibre– Aid easy digestion for those suffer from constipation
  • Protein – Stimulate muscle growth and prevent losing lean tissues
  • Energy – Supply higher energy for the elderly who eat little

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