Time to thank Mum

Mother of mine. You gave to me all of my life to do as I please. I owe everything I have to you. Mother, sweet mother of mine. Mother of mine, when I was young, you showed me the right way things that should be done. Without your love, where would I be? Mother, sweet mother of mine.’


ANS 50+ Adult Formula Milk 900g   Bring well balanced nutrition to Your Mum


- 100% Made in Australia, safe and reliable.

- Designated to supplement the physical needs in order to maintain vitality.

- Contains calcium to strengthen bones.

- Rich in protein (0.0256g/100g), to strengthen muscles and make movements more pliable and comfortable.

- Contains dietary fiber, helps intestinal motility and promotes digestive health.

- Contains Vitamin B and iron, helps with blood production

-This product can be consumed by people aged 40+ to 60+

-Suggested Intake 4-6 scoops stirring with 250ml water


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