The reason why you choose ANS BABY

April 20, 2018

ANS BABY is our premium quality, 100% Australian made infant formula range. Our range of unique formulations are based on the inspiration of breast milk to help strengthen your baby’s immune system as they develop and grow. Our Products are rich in all important nucleotides, DHA, ARA, taurine and calcium.

Australia is one of the global leaders in the development and production of infant formula. All of our products are produced in Australia in government accredited facilities which are required to implement stringent food safety practices and advanced quality control systems to ensure that all products meet the highest domestic and international standards.

Four strengths of ANSBABY Formula

Sufficient amount of whey protein

One of the advantages of the breast milk is that it is rich in whey protein; about 27% of the breast milk consists of whey protein. ANSBABY Formula increases the proportion of whey protein, stimulating baby's brain development, helping infants sleep easier, keeping babies in good moods. Eventually, parenting will be much easier compared to time you have not met our product.

Adjusted iron consumption

Breast milk has not enough amount of iron, which is very important nutrient for babies. Iron is a substance within haemoglobin and myoglobin. It helps them carry oxygen to tissues, muscles and organs of your baby’s body. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that babies should consume iron-rich milk powder (6.7 mg per 100 calories) to prevent infantile anaemia. However, too much iron intake may cause constipation. ANSBABY Formula has a moderate and adjusted amount of iron which fulfils the daily intake level yet not exceeds daily allowance.

Calcium and vitamin D for strong bones

ANSBABY Formula has enough calcium with a right proportion of phosphorus, helping bone development in babies. Also, vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, strengthen bones and teeth, helping babies avoid conditions such as hysteria that caused by calcium insufficiency. Moreover, vitamin D takes an important part in developing the immune system and cardiovascular system.

Providing enough vitamin K for your baby

Vitamin K is known for coagulation and maintenance of bone mineral density. It is an essential nutrient for babies’ development as well. However, our body cannot produce vitamin K by itself; we need to consume it from foods. ANSBABY Formula has enough vitamin K to prevent babies suffer from anaemia or other complications caused by lack of vitamin K.


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