Who is looking after you?

February 14, 2019

We’ve all been there: sleep is a distant memory, cutlery is optional, you eat baby food scooped up with a piece of bread and weird stuff seems to be always stuck in your hair. Parenting is hard, joyful, hard, rewarding, hard, delightful, hard and oh did we mention hard? We all know the hard bit often comes from the need to juggle all the things.  

Maybe you’re a first time parent, the kids have flown the coop, or maybe you have a couple of kids under the age of six - either way it can be easy for us to put bub first and forget about our own health.

Of course we all know that the number one priority when you have kids is their health and wellness. Mums at every parenting stage talk about how they lose sleep worrying about their kids’ health. Are they getting the nutrients they need to grow right? Are they developing OK? Are they happy? What was that noise they made?

And these are natural and important questions. The one we want to ask today is “who is looking after you?”

Are you eating all your veggies?

When meals are sporadic or eaten on the run (one of our friends confessed that she hadn’t used cutlery in 3 years because she had to keep it out of reach of her bubs!), a good support might be a supplement for adults to make sure you are getting additional nutrients.

We love some of the suggestions in this article on how you can manage getting some food together for yourself. Our big tip: online shopping delivered to your door can become your best friend.

Do you know where to go for help? 

There are loads of websites that advocate for parents’ health, but here is a great read for parents on the importance of their own health. It also features places you can get some support and help if that’s what you need

Are you relying on Dr Google?

All of us have googled some symptoms, found a name for it and carried on. Your health is so important to your child and so we’d advocate contacting a Nurse on Call service or similar as a first step. Talking to someone who is an expert in initial diagnosis and management is a sensible first step to good health.

Thanks for taking the time to get some parenting answers. Take care of you.

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