Australian Nutrition and Sports (HK) Limited


ANS Drink & Go

Calling all coffee lovers to try our smooth and creamy Coffee Drink and Go Protein shakes in hand.

High in Protein, low in Carbohydrates, Sugars and Fats, this filling healthy drink gives your body the sustenance to effectively achieve your health goals with ease. 

Added Vitamins and Minerals allows your body to release and use energy and provides a source of Fibre for healthy digestion. High in Protein for recovery post workout, repairing and rebuilding your muscles to maximise the efforts of your workout.

  • 30g Whey Protein
  • 8g Carbohydrates
  • 4g Fibre
  • No added Sugar
  • 99% Fat free

ANS Drink and Go Protein Shakes are the perfect nutrient rich snack for active individuals on the go.