Our Story

Ahead of the ‘mindfulness’ trend, from a time when well being wasn't well known.

Before founding Australian Nutrition and Sports in 2006, ANS' CEO Tom Lashan, was a highly regarded Personal Trainer, Life Coach and motivational speaker in Australia.

During that time he became concerned by the lack of awareness regarding physical and mental well being amongst his audience and society at large. Speaking with hundreds of individuals, a noticeable issue was the lack of self-awareness ultimately preventing balance and emotional well being, impacting personal achievements with significantly lower levels of productivity. Drive and motivation comes from achievements, such as healthy lifestyle habits, high fitness levels and living an enjoyable life. Reaching personal expectations gives a sense of pride, whether from efforts or end results.

With the dream of inspiring and facilitating wellness and well being in as many people as possible, ANS was born. Trusted by health standards around the world, each ANS product is crafted with locally sourced ingredients backed by rigorous research to develop health supplements that give your mind and body the sustenance to push your limits.

Your health and happiness is our inspiration, move with ANS.