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ANS 50+ Adult Formula and ANS Protein Isolate (Vanilla - 1kg)

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ANS 50+ Formula (900 g):

Put your health and well-being first with ANS 50+ Formula, crafted with Australian ingredients, Minerals and Vitamins for healthy ageing. Suitable for individuals who want to maintain control over their health and understand the need for a proactive approach to growing older.

Contains Potassium to lower the risk of high blood pressure, Calcium and Vitamin D for teeth and bone health, Phosphorus for energy and a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 to maintain the proper function of nerve cells and red blood cells.

Made with the best, for the best. Whether you want to make changes towards a more active lifestyle, or you need natural goodness to support your lifestyle, simple add a scoop to your favourite food or drink. 

  • Source of Iron & B Vitamins
  • Good source of Protein
  • Contains dietary fibre
  • High in Calcium


ANS Protein Isolate (1 kg):

Protein Isolate is a premium micro-filtered formulation, to remove all fats and carbs to assist with weight management and intake control.

Contains BCAAs Ideal for muscle recovery, tissue building and repair. Hydrates the body with an added Vitamin and Mineral blend to provide you with a nutritional solution that is natural and pure, derived from the finest quality ingredients.

Add Chocolate Protein Isolate to your favourite meals and drinks for a delicious taste that charges every cell in your body to improve your overall well-being.

(Scoop included)


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