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ANS BABY - Infant Formula (Stage 3) (BEST BEFORE DATE: 17/04/2021)

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ANS BABY 起初配方奶粉(第3階段)

Australian Nutrition and Sports Baby Formula is crafted with pure and fine locally sourced ingredients. 

Trust our Australian made formula, containing a complete nutrition profile with optimal levels of refined macro and micro-nutrients to support your infant's brain development and growth.

Your priority is your baby’s health and happiness, our priority is your baby's nutrition. Give them another reason to smile with ANS baby formula, inspired by natural breast-feeding milk with the natural taste your baby will absolutely love! 

Premium formula supplemented with Calcium for your baby's bone development, naturally occurring Choline for memory, cognition and brain development, and DHA/ARA to give them a natural fatty acid profile promoting normal growth and improving their mental and visual acuity.

  • HACCP certified
  • Certified dairy manufacturer
  • Australian Made
  • Made with 100% Australia Cow’s Milk
  • High-quality ingredients, Contains fat-protein blend DHA/ARA previously only found in breast milk
  • No genetically modified ingredients, no artificial colours or added preservatives
  • Complete nutrient profile for infants through to toddlers, with proteins and dual prebiotic for immune health, Taurine to enhance visual and auditory nerve functioning
  • Nucleotides to strengthen the immune system

Product Overview:

Follow on from ANS Stage 2 with ANS Stage 3, to provide your toddler with a balance of all the most important nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals during this early stage in life. Specially formulated as a supplement or alternative breastfeeding method from 12+ months. 

Some of these important components form the building blocks of brain and eye development, healthy development of the small intestines, intestinal micro-flora, natural defences, strengthening of bones and teeth, and also supports mental and physical functioning. This gives your toddler a source of energy to support their increasing capability for physical activity. 

Give your baby the best natural start in life.

Dietary Information:

  • Allergens - Contains Milk, Soy and fish
  • Protein Source - From Cow's Milk
  • Halal