ANS' Future

ANS' Future - Infant Formula (Stage 1)

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ANS' Future - Infant Formula (Stage 1)

ANS' (Australian Nutrition and Sports) Future Formula is crafted with pure and fine locally sourced ingredients. 

Scientific proof (from the WA Department of Health) tells us that young babies often don't produce enough lactase to help digest lactose. With this in mind, we have developed "Gradulac Gentle", a staged lactose formula to help babies digest lactose.

Nourishing PP+ symbolizes our premium advanced formula. Rich in prebiotics and probiotics + more than 16 essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional needs of infants and toddlers during their growth and developmental stages.

Unique "Gradulac Gentle" phased formula,

  • Made from 100% Australian farm fresh milk.
  • Contains less lactose and is gentle on your baby's digestive system
  • Advanced nutrition of prebiotics and probiotics to protect your baby's gut health
  • Contains over 13 essential vitamins and 12 minerals including B12, calcium, magnesium and zinc
  • Produced in Victoria, Australia, the raw material is fresh Australian milk.
  • Hygienically sealed separate spoon compartment in the lid.


Product Overview

ANS' Future Stage 1 consists of a balance of the most important nutrients that your baby needs immediately after birth, specially formulated as a supplement or alternative breastfeeding method from 0-6 months to sustain development and growth.

Some of these important components form the building blocks of brain and eye development, support mental and physical functioning, natural defences, and the development of strong bones and teeth.

Give your baby the best natural start in life.


Dietary Information

Contains milk products and soybean products.

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